Tyndall Centre Visiting Fellow
SPRU — Science & Technology Policy Research
University of Sussex, UK
Energy Economics, Finance & Technology
shimon awerbuch
shimon awerbuch
shimon awerbuch shimon awerbuch shimon awerbuch

Shimon Awerbuch is a financial economist specializing in utility regulation, energy and the economics of innovation and new technology. Before joining SPRU, he served as Senior Advisor for Energy Economics, Finance and Technology with the International Energy Agency in Paris. For the decade preceding this assignment, Awerbuch maintained an independent financial economics practice specializing in energy, utility regulation and the economics of innovation and new technology. Awerbuch has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in Corporate and Regulatory Finance, Capital budgeting and Technology Adoption. He served as Chief, Economic and Policy Studies, Utility Intervention Office, NY State Executive Department where he developed expert testimony on various aspects of regulatory economics and finance. He has served with the Management Consulting Service of Ernst & Young and has held various economic and policy analysis positions with the NY State Executive Department and Legislature.

Awerbuch has 30 years of experience in finance, and regulatory and energy economics, involving the private sector and all levels of government. He has an international presence based on an extensive record of publication and research. He is co-author of Unlocking the Benefits of Restructuring: A Blueprint for Transmission (PUR, November 1999, to be republished by Elsevier) and co-editor of The Virtual Utility: Accounting, Technology and Competitive Aspects of the Emerging Industry (Kluwer, 1997). He is Series Editor, Elsevier Topics in Global Energy Economics, Regulation and Policy and a member of the Editorial Board of Energy Policy. He has contributed over 50 papers to such journals as the American Economic Review the Journal of Regulatory Economics and Energy Policy. He presented his research findings to delegates of the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development in New York and has testified in numerous regulatory proceedings.

His current research and consulting focuses on portfolio approaches for enhancing energy security and for valuing renewables. In addition, he has extensive experience in electric utility restructuring and transmission pricing/organization, the implications of competitiveness and technological change for strategy, investment and process innovation and the development of valuation and cost measurement models for renewables and energy efficiency. He has also worked extensively with utilities in the area of cost measurement for new process technology investments.

Awerbuch has successfully guided investment, strategy and technology decisions to yield added value for Fortune 100 multi-national corporations and some of the largest utilities and telecommunications companies. He has advised the UN, World Bank, and energy ministries and environmental advocacy groups in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Shimon Awerbuch

Tyndall Centre Visiting Fellow
SPRU - University of Sussex
Brighton, BN1 9QE, UK

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