Tyndall Centre Visiting Fellow
SPRU — Science & Technology Policy Research
University of Sussex, UK
Energy Economics, Finance & Technology
shimon awerbuch
shimon awerbuch
shimon awerbuch shimon awerbuch shimon awerbuch

Shimon Awerbuch is a financial economist specializing in energy, regulatory economics, market restructuring and the finance of innovation / new technology. He has an international presence based on an extensive research and publication record that includes 70+ contributions to books and journals and over 100 seminars and invited presentations. Prior to joining SPRU (see below), he was Senior Advisor for Energy Economics, Finance and Technology at the International Energy Agency in Paris.

Shimon is series editor: Elsevier Topics in Global Energy Economics, Regulation and Policy, and a member of the editorial board of Energy Policy.

He has worked with electric utilities on process innovation involving activity-based costing. His current research deals with portfolio aspects of energy diversity and security and the development of innovative transmission regulatory, pricing and operating protocols to help foster effective deregulated electricity markets.

Shimon is also a member of REEEP; renewable energy & energy efficiency partnership (see below).

Links of interest
IEA/EET Working Paper

Applying Portfolio Theory to EU Electricity Planning and Policy Making
This study introduces mean-variance portfolio theory and evaluates its potential application to the development of efficient (optimal) European Union (EU-15) generating portfolios that enhance energy security and diversification objectives
IEA/EET Working Paper (PDF file)

Vestas Global Magazine

Interview in the magazine Vestas Global
The risk of fuel price rises means that electricity from fossil fuels costs more than
is generally acknowledged.
Vestas Global Magazine, Vestas Wind Systems A/S.
Charles Butcher, CopyWrite, Norfolk, UK
Magazine article (PDF file)

Interview in the German magazine Neue Energie

Interview in the German magazine Neue Energie
Shimon talks about how renewables can best reduce the economic risks and make electricity cheaper.
English version (PDF file)
German version (PDF file)

Consulting Experts of the European Parliamentary Network
The European Parliamentary Network is supported by a team of scientists and experts in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
European Parliamentary Network (Website link)

Recent Electricity Portfolio Analyses
Analysis of UK Electricity Generating Portfolio Indicates Wind is Cost Effective and Promotes Energy Security
A Portfolio Based Analysis of the UK Electricity Generating Mix (PDF file)

Airtricity Report - Increased Wind Generation Reduces Scotland’s Energy Costs

Wind Provides Competitive Advantage for Scotland
This study uses portfolio theory to demonstrate that increasing the share of
wind reduces Scotland’s expected electricity costs.
Report - Complete version (PDF file)
Brochure - PR version (PDF file)
Presentation slides (PDF file)

Sandia Report - SAND2005-5173 logo

Portfolio Analysis Sponsored by Sandia National Labs shows importance of Geothermal Energy in the US Western Region
Sandia Report - SAND2005-5173 - The Cost of Geothermal Energy in the Western US Region: A Portfolio-Based Approach (Word doc)

Output Variability as an Issue Surrounding the Integration of Wind

Wind integration issues have fostered considerable debate recently with the dialogue increasingly focused on the variability or ‘intermittency’ of wind output.
Briefing paper (Word doc)

SPRU - University of Sussex
Shimon's Profile at SPRU (Website link)

REEEP - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Partnership
Shimon at REEEP (Website link)
REEEP News Story - Enhancing Energy Security & Diversity (Website link)
Subscribe to REEEP's Monthly Newsletter (Website link)
REEEP Project - Portfolio-based Energy Planning in Developing Countries
This project helps developing countries identify optimum, minimum-cost electricity generating mixes.
(Website link)

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See Shimon's plenary presentation at the Berlin Intelligent Energy options... (9 minutes).

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Shimon Awerbuch

Tyndall Centre Visiting Fellow
SPRU - University of Sussex
Brighton, BN1 9QE, UK


Shimon Awerbuch
Financial & Energy Economist
1946 – 2007

Obituary (Times Online)

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