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Highlight your artwork

Or your favorite family photos. Have the stand out when from the rest because they are so good or remind you of someone special. One way to highlight your favorite wall hangings is to use one of the top 10 best LED picture light in 2020.

These lights will bring out the best and tiniest details that make your artwork look so good. When you want to emphasize your treasures use the best light possible.

Our LED picture light review

5. Concept Lighting 105L Cordless LED Picture Light

The silver coloring on this light will have your guests thinking they are in a museum. The adjustable picture light measures 11 ½ inches wide and is able to cover many different picture frame sizes.

Plus, the remote control is capable of handling more than one light. You can illuminate more photos and use the same remote control to adjust the brightness levels.  The 4 D batteries give you over 100 hours of lighting options. The solid state technology makes it all happen.

4. LeonLite LED Picture Light

This plug and play picture light will swivel up to 132 degrees. This feature enables you to find the right angle to illuminate your photo. Plus, the LED lights do not give off any UV or IR rays. Your photos are nice and safe when you use this picture light.

Also, you get 6 feet of power cord. This allows you to choose your picture location and still illuminate it with ease. The 8-watt bulbs save you money by using less energy.

3. Good Earth Lighting LED Picture Light

This picture light uses only 2 ½ watts of power. This little power use still gives you plenty of illumination while saving you money. After you install the light, the black coloring will not clash with your room’s décor.

In addition, you do not have to use batteries. An approx. 5-foot power cord brings all the energy the light needs. The adjustable feature makes sure you can place the light where you need it with ease. Also, the LED light does not produce any harmful UV rays.

2. Cocoweb Classic Series LED Picture Light

Before you finish screwing in the 3 screws. Make sure the light is placed over a stud. This secures the light and keeps it safe to use. Plus, the 10’ adaption cable provides you with location options as well as a dimmer control switch.

After installation, you can enjoy up to 50,000 hours of warm light illumination. Also, the adjustable arm lets you get the right distance from the wall for the best effect. All mounting hardware is included to safely install this picture light.

1. Rite Lite battery operated LED Picture Light

Battery power can save you hassles. There are no power cords to trip over or accidentally pull out of the wall. This antique bronze coated picture light uses 3 AA batteries to highlight your wall ornaments.

Beside the LED lights, you get a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness levels to suit your preferences or home event. Then a remote control unit is included, in case the light is out of reach and you want to turn it off.

Some final words

Accent your home with one of the top 10 best LED picture light in 2020. You can draw attention to some fine artwork, photos or even your child’s prized achievement. In doing so, you will add a touch of elegance or class to your home.


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