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If you have ever tried making purchases for a “complete” kitchen, you may have found out that stocking up your kitchen may be an even more difficult task than you imagined. This is even made worse by the regular adverts of different brands telling us of how their products are the best. Instead of making our decision-making process easier, we become even more indecisive. We have taken out some quality time to find out the essentials of every kitchen. Here are 25 must-haves for your kitchen.

#1 A Great set of Chef’s Knife

This is a basic kitchen tool that will help with all your cutting needs. Since this tool must be used every time you cook, high-quality products – knives that are sharp and built to last are ideal. Different sizes are best for different cutting needs. You will definitely enjoy this set for many years to come.

#2 Cutting Board

This is another important must-have in your kitchen. You would be needing it anytime you must slice or cut- almost every time you use the knife. A chopping board made from polypropylene is best as it would last you a long time in the kitchen.

#3 A Vegetable Peeler

A peeler would help speed up your cooking time, whether you would be using it for carrots, potatoes, or other vegetables.

#4 Whisk

One of the most used kitchen items, a whisk is ideal for beating sauces, eggs, salad dressings and so much more.

# A Multi-purpose Grater

Whenever possible, it is best to avoid single-purpose tools to avoid littering the kitchen with lots of items. A multi-purpose grater that can serve the purpose of a grater, chiffonade, and zester is the best tool for grating citrus, ginger, onions and much more.

#5 Bread Knife

A bread knife is one typically used for slicing bread. A bread knife of high quality can also be used for slicing of cakes and pastries.

#6 A Honing Rod

It’s the desire of everyone to make use of their purchases for as long they can last. A honing rod will help realign the edges of your knife to keep them working quickly and efficiently.

#7 Rice Cooker

While cooking rice with some water in the pot may seem easy, a rice cooker is even more stress-free. You toss the rice in and let the cooker do all the hard work for you. This is definitely a kitchen must-have.

#8 Baking Pan

This is a very important tool in the kitchen. A sturdy, quality set of baking pans will help you with all your baking needs and they will last a long time.

#9 Quality Set of Tongs

A tong with a metal base and plastic tip is a great tool for turning chicken in the pan. They are strong and can hold up just fine against friction.

#10 Stainless Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are useful for evaluating the precise volume of liquid or solid content you would need for your cooking. A measuring cup with great stainless quality is sure to serve you and last a very long time.


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